Question Banks

Question Banks are lists of questions and answers related to textbooks, curated readers, or journal articles and are licensed licensed CC BYCC BY-SACC-BY-NDCC BY-NCCC BY-NC-SA, or CC BY-NC-ND

Questions must contain the following to be listed here:

  • Source textbook, curated readers, or journal articles that questions are related to
  • At least 10 questions with a minimum of two answer choices per question

Question Banks by Course Descriptor

  • POLS 110 – Introduction to American Government and Politics
  • POLS 120 – Introduction to Political Theory and Thought
  • POLS 130 – Introduction to Comparative Government and Politics
  • POLS 140 – Introduction to International Relations
  • POLS 150 – Introduction to Political Science
  • POLS 160 – Introduction to Political Science Research Methods