Welcome to Open Political Science or OPoliSci!

OPoliSci explores open educational resources and practices for political science faculty and students.

Open Educational Resources include the following materials that are licensed CC BYCC BY-SA, CC BY-NC, or CC BY-NC-SA.

Resources licensed CC-BY-ND and CC BY-NC-ND are not considered “open” because they cannot be edited, but the whole resource can be included in a CC-collection, such as a course Reader.

  • Peer-reviewed textbooks
  • Readers (i.e. curated collection of peer-reviewed, open access journal articles)
  • Peer-reviewed, journal articles
  • Test question banks
  • Assignments, discussion prompts, and rubrics
  • Images and videos

Open Educational Practices include:

  • Student-created OER
  • Student-Instructor created OER