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Journal Articles are typically published by university presses, but they can also be uploaded by the user to repositories like APSA Preprints or SSRN.

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Journal Articles by Course Descriptor

POLS 110 – Introduction to American Government and Politics

  • Agenda Seeding: How 1960s Black Protests Moved Elites, Public Opinion and Voting – CC BY-SA –
  • Family Matters: How Immigrant Histories Can Promote Inclusion – CC BY-NC-ND –
  • Race and Representation in Campaign Finance – CC BY –
  • Roll-Call Vote Selection: Implications for the Study of Legislative Politics – CC BY –
  • The Private Roots of American Political Development: The Immigrants’ Protective League’s “Friendly and Sympathetic Touch,” 1908–1924 – CC BY –
  • Wealth, Slaveownership, and Fighting for the Confederacy: An Empirical Study of the American Civil War – CC BY –
  • Who Leads? Who Follows? Measuring Issue Attention and Agenda Setting by Legislators and the Mass Public Using Social Media Data – CC BY –
  • Who Punishes Extremist Nominees? Candidate Ideology and Turning Out the Base in US Elections – CC BY –
  • Women’s Representation and the Gendered Pipeline to Power – CC BY –

POLS 120 – Introduction to Political Theory and Thought

  • A Formal Theory of Democratic Deliberation – CC BY –
  • Democracy versus Security as Standards of Political Legitimacy: The Case of National Policy on Irregular Migrant Arrivals – CC BY –
  • Making Offenders Vote: Democratic Expressivism and Compulsory Criminal Voting – CC BY –
    Political Theory in an Ethnographic Key – CC BY –
  • The Power to Nudge – CC BY –
  • The Well‐Ordered Society under Crisis: A Formal Analysis of Public Reason vs. Convergence Discourse – CC BY-NC-ND –

POLS 130 – Introduction to Comparative Government and Politics

  • (Under What Conditions) Do Politicians Reward Their Supporters? Evidence from Kenya’s Constituencies Development Fund – CC BY-NC-ND –
  • Comparative Politics and Causal Evaluation of Structural Reforms: The Case of the UK National Minimum Wage Introduction – CC BY –
  • Competing With the Dragon: Employment Effects of Chinese Trade Competition in 17 Sectors Across 18 OECD Countries – CC BY –
  • Co-Optation and Repression of Religion in Authoritarian Regimes – CC BY –
  • Corruption Performance Voting and the Electoral Context – CC BY –
  • Declaring and Diagnosing Research Designs – CC BY –
  • Does Direct Democracy Hurt Immigrant Minorities? Evidence from Naturalization Decisions in Switzerland – CC BY-NC –
  • Does Exposure to the Refugee Crisis Make Natives More Hostile? – CC BY-NC-ND –
  • Does Public Opinion Affect Political Speech? – CC BY –
  • Domestic Courts and the Paris Agreement’s Climate Goals: The Need for a Comparative Approach – CC BY –
  • Ethnic Parties, Ethnic Tensions? Results of an Original Election Panel Study – CC BY –
  • Ethnic Riots and Prosocial Behavior: Evidence from Kyrgyzstan – CC BY –
  • Explanations of Institutional Change: Reflecting on a ‘Missing Diagonal – CC BY –
  • Fundraising for Stigmatized Groups: A Text Message Donation Experiment – CC BY-NC-ND –
  • Gender, Law Enforcement, and Access to Justice: Evidence from All-Women Police Stations in India – CC BY –
  • Günter Frankenberg’s Comparative Constitutional Studies: Between Magic and Deceit – CC BY –
  • Is Door-to-Door Canvassing Effective in Europe? Evidence from a Meta-Study across Six European Countries – CC BY –
  • Military, Authoritarianism and Islam: A Comparative Analysis of Bangladesh and Pakistan – CC BY –
  • Paths towards Coalition Defection: Democracies and Withdrawal from the Iraq War – CC BY-NC-ND –
  • Sometimes Less Is More: Censorship, News Falsification, and Disapproval in 1989 East Germany – CC BY –
  • The Countervailing Effects of Competition on Public Goods Provision: When Bargaining Inefficiencies Lead to Bad Outcomes – CC BY –
  • The EU’s Enfants Terribles: Democratic Backsliding in Central Europe since 2010 – CC BY –
  • The Non-Democratic Roots of Mass Education: Evidence from 200 Years – CC BY-NC-ND –
  • Universal Love or One True Religion? Experimental Evidence of the Ambivalent Effect of Religious Ideas on Altruism and Discrimination – CC BY –
  • When Does Diffusing Protest Lead to Local Organization Building? Evidence from a Comparative Subnational Study of Russia’s “For Fair Elections” Movement – CC BY –

POLS 140 – Introduction to International Relations

  • Born Weak, Growing Strong: Anti-Government Protests as a Signal of Rebel Strength in the Context of Civil Wars – CC BY –
  • Comparative Causal Mediation and Relaxing the Assumption of No Mediator–Outcome Confounding: An Application to International Law and Audience Costs. – CC BY –
  • Digging into the Pocketbook: Evidence on Economic Voting from Income Registry Data Matched to a Voter Survey – CC BY –
  • Double Whammy: Why the Underrepresentation of Women among Workplace and Political Decision Makers Matters in Pandemic Times – CC BY –
  • Elite Communication and the Popular Legitimacy of International Organizations – CC BY –
  • For Safety or Profit? How Science Serves the Strategic Interests of Private Actors – CC BY –
  • Human Rights are (Increasingly) Plural: Learning the Changing Taxonomy of Human Rights from Large-scale Text Reveals Information Effects – CC BY-NC-SA –
  • Institutional Sources of Legitimacy for International Organisations: Beyond Procedure versus Performance – CC BY –
  • No calm after the storm—diaspora influence on bilateral emergency aid flows – CC BY –
  • Offsetting Uncertainty: Reassurance with Two‐Sided Incomplete Information – CC BY –
  • Shifting visions of property under competing political regimes: changing uses of Côte d’Ivoire’s 1998 Land Law – CC BY –
  • The Fate of International Monetary Systems: How and Why They Fall Apart – CC BY –
  • The Immanent Potential of Economic and Monetary Integration: A Critical Reading of the Eurozone Crisis – CC BY –
  • Winning Hearts and Minds in Civil Wars: Governance, Leadership Change, and Support for Violent Groups in Iraq – CC BY-NC-ND –

POLS 150 – Introduction to Political Science

  • Constraining Governments: New Indices of Vertical, Horizontal, and Diagonal Accountability – CC BY-NC-SA –
  • Constructivism and the Logic of Political Representation – CC BY –
  • Enhancing Electoral Equality: Can Education Compensate for Family Background Differences in Voting Participation? – CC BY –
  • How Parties React to Voter Transitions – CC BY-SA –
  • Spatial Voting Meets Spatial Policy Positions: An Experimental Appraisal – CC BY –
  • The Distinctive Political Status of Dissident Minorities – CC BY-NC-SA –
  • When the Whole Is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts: On the Conceptualization and Measurement of Populist Attitudes and Other Multidimensional Constructs – CC BY –
  • When to Worry about Sensitivity Bias: A Social Reference Theory and Evidence from 30 Years of List Experiments – CC BY –

POLS 160 – Introduction to Political Science Research Methods

  • Hot Politics? Affective Responses to Political Rhetoric – CC BY –
  • Persuasive Lobbying with Allied Legislators – CC BY –